Over 30 years in the business, HSCC- owned by Haim Slutzky and Dari Shay- is one of the leading production companies in Israel.
HSCC is currently one of the biggest production and personal management label in Israel, with local and international holdings in show business, television and multimedia productions.With over 40 of Israel’s highest-rated television shows, broadcasting in all major channels in Israel, HSCC is continually growing in various platforms. The company holds and runs two of the leading niche channels in Israel, on the platform of HOT cable company, which is the largest platform in Israel:

– Channel HOT8 the leading documentary channel in Israel.
– The Israeli Entertainment Channel considered as one of the prominent cable channels in Israel.
– Channel yes kidZ  – the new Children’s channel on DBS (the Israeli satellite platform).

Only recently, Haim Sluzky was chosen as one of the ten most influential figures in Israeli television by the Haaretz newspaper, one of the leading papers in Israel.

About Israeli Entertainment Channel

Ten years ago the Israeli Entertainment Channel was launched – a unique concept formulated by Haim Sluzky and Dari Shay.
The channel’s results over the years speak for themselves and it constitutes a pilot for an international project.
In the first two years of its establishment, the channel was already one of the 10 most viewed channels on the HOT platform.
Throughout the years it has managed to assert itself both on the linear broadcast channel and on VOD broadcast, the internet, mobile applications and social media.

About Channel 8

Channel 8 is the leading documentary channel in Israel, broadcasted exclusively on HOT platform which holds more than 65% of the Israeli TV subscribers,
giving the channel an important advantage in bigger exposure. The channel has been managed by HSCC since January 2013 focusing on original
Israeli documentary content along with successful international series and movies acquired from well-known distributors.
Since HSCC started to operate the channel, the VOD downloads of has Increase by 400% and the media coverage tripled its value.

About Yes Kidz Channel

Yes Kidz is the new Children’s channel on DBS (the Israeli satellite platform) having launched beginning of 2017 and targeting at kids from 6-14.
The Channel’s programming includes both local productions and acquisition of international animation and live action.

About HSCC Productions

HSCC Productions Company also collaborates with Dana Cohen Productions in television productions with close to 30 produced television series.
The company’s diverse programming has received critical acclaim and high ratings.