At 70, with countless triumphs, and scarred by his life battles, Shlomo Artzi speaks about his past like never before.

With rare honesty and openness, accompanied with moving archive clips, treasures from the private and the family archives, testimonies of family members and journey partners, meeting central figures from key phases of his career, and rare behind-the-scenes footage from concerts and recording studios. The viewers are invited to board an emotional and musical roller coaster, and embark on a three-episode voyage, which is a personal biography, as well as the biography of the country that its soundtrack is composed of Shlomo Artzi’s voice and songs.
Israel 2022

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Yaron Shilon, Morris Ben-Mayor and Amir Ben-David
Produced by: Slutsky Productions
Year: 2022
Broadcaster: HOT8

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