The Silver Platter is a radical series by Doron Zabari & Amir Ben-David, which warns of the upcoming financial and social devastation. In its three parts the series dives into the economic and social structures of Israel, pin points the crucial problems and offers revolutionary but practical solutions to which the Israeli public should aspire.

The series deals with the imperfections and sickness of the society and economy in Israel and suggests surprising and revolutionary remedies and solutions.

The heroes of the series – Guy Rolnik, Prof. Yaron Zaliha and Prof. Danny Gotwin – take the viewers on a journey through the Israeli market, into the politics of money, the dark and hidden corners of business, the manipulations and lies of the media and into the places that can and should be fixed.

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Doron Zabari, Amir Ben-David
Produced by: Dana Cohen Productions
Duration: 3X60
Year: 2015
Broadcaster: HOT8

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