Herzl, Yuval and Barry’s world changes the day they turn into adults. Now they have to live like adults, keep an apartment, find jobs and more. Starring Ma Kashur Trio, Orna Banai, Yael Elkana and Gur Eden.

The series tells the story of three 11 years old childhood friends, Barry, Yuval and Herzl, who live in an orphanage, dealing with their complicated lives. One fateful evening, Yuval finds out there’s a family willing to adopt him. He’s afraid to lose his two best friends and decides to run away. The moment Barry and Herzl find him, they stumble into an experimental area of a professor who turns them into adults. Now they have to deal with a whole world of grownups they’re not familiar with, filled with obstacles that put their close friendship to the test. It’s going to be scary, complicated and very, very funny.

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Genre: Youth
Created by: Avi Belkin
Produced by: Slutsky Productions

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