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HSCC is an Israeli television content company with over 30 years of experience. With boundless curiosity and passion, we are always in the pursuit of new and exciting stories, fresh voices, and innovative approaches for creating content.

Our team is creative, devoted, and with a fierce hunger for new challenges. We believe in pushing for dynamic storytelling and diverse perspectives, creating stories that not only entertain, but also leave a strong lasting impact.

  • TV content and format development and production.
  • TV channel management
  • Talent management

Thanks to their innovative vision, extensive knowledge in production and full collaboration with all Israeli broadcasting platforms, HSCC is associated with a considerable amount of successful productions and television events.

TV channel management

HSCC holds and operates 3 of the most popular and prominent channels in HOT the largest broadcasting platform in Israel focusing on documentary and entertainment.

HSCC holds major shares of Donna and Shula Productions – one of the most successful production companies in Israel who is responsible for the mega hit of apple TV – TEHRAN.

The Israeli Entertainment Channel

The unique concept of the channel was formulated by HSCC, and consists a mixture of nostalgic successful Israeli productions along with new original bold and groundbreaking shows.
Programming includes a range of series and shows from a variety of genres, including scripted, reality and entertainment productions.
Throughout its 12 years of existence remained one of the most watched and influencing channels both in linear and in VOD at the largest broadcasting platform.

HOT REAL – The Israeli Original Reality Channel

A new TV channel launched this fall. The channel focused on Israeli original reality hit shows, and showcases the most popular and talked about celebrities in Israel.
The biggest and most viewed hit of the channel is “GOLSTAR” that features the most loved celebrities in Israel as a soccer team for a season of games and related challenges.
Since HSCC started to operate the channel, the VOD downloads of has Increase by 400% and the media coverage tripled its value.

HOT8 – Documentary Channel

The leading Israeli documentary channel – focusing on original Israeli content along with acquisition of successful international series and movies.
Its original productions constantly receives raving reviews, wins academy awards and generates a public social-activist dialogue.Broadcasts exclusively on HOT, the largest Israeli broadcasting platform.

TV content and format development and production

Over the years, HSCC have produced and developed dozens of television series and programs from different genres, including documentary, factual, lifestylre, reality, scripted, magazine and talk shows. Many of these shows won academy awards, received extraordinary reviews and were watched by millions of viewers.

Digital Division

Our digital division raised the bar as for promoting TV content and creating a buzz on social media. All our content is highly present at all social media and is receiving a continuity of the each brand outside the TV screen.

Talent management

HSCC represents a variety of leading Israeli journalists and newscasters, leading creators and screenwriters

Meet the Team

  • Haim Slutzky
    Haim Slutzky Co -Founder and Owner
  • Dari Shai
    Dari Shai Co -Founder and Owner
  • Rinat Klein
    Rinat Klein CEO
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