What happens when Bat-El, a conservative, strict, 23-year-old virgin, who lives with her mother and grandmother, is impregnated accidentally through artificial fertilization while having a routine gynecological check-up?
The series revolves around a love triangle between Bet-El, the pregnant virgin, Michael, her nerdy policeman fiancé, and Gavri, an exciting businessman married to Alex, and the baby’s biological father.

And as though that’s not complicated enough, spice it with a complex murder plot, lies and schemes, loves, desires, betrayals and one Middle-Eastern singer star known as “the Sultan” (Yuval Segal), and you’ll get a wild, funny Middle-Eastern Telenovela, taking place in the bustling port city of Ashdod.

More Details

Genre: Drama
Produced by: Dori media
Duration: 25 x 73
Seasons: 2
TV Platform: HOT
Channel Info: HOT Bidur 7

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