While most teenagers post selfies and play on their computers, this group of young paramedic volunteer in Kfar Saba, and spend all their free time saving lives. They face extreme stress situations, handle major dilemmas and often find themselves torn between ordinary life and the personal commitment that took over their lives. Get to know the most competitive, coolest, smartest, funniest and most moving bunch: Adar and Romy, Nimi and Sha’ked, Aluma, Buzzi, Gili and Pika, teenagers who face life’s big problems, as though dealing with school work, peer pressure, relationships with their parents and siblings, friendships and first loves are not enough to deal with.

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Genre: Reality
Produced by: ADD
Duration: 25 x 60
Seasons: 3
TV Platform: HOT
Channel Info: HOT Kidz 80

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