Age crises is a series about people who are in conflict with time, on the eve of new decade in their lives. Looking back on missed opportunities and the almost Sisyphus attempt to cope with decisions made and dreams lost, in the hectic race of life, and seizing the opportunity to fulfill these dreams at the last moment, before it is too late.

The series follows six characters, at ages 30 to 80, who contemplate about their lives, their choices, their actions and understand the gap between who they hoped to be and who they are is inconceivable. A moment before falling into despair, they pull themselves together and do what they can to get their life on the right track. They don’t necessarily succeed….

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Roni Kuban, Nili Klimowski, Liat Levian
Produced by: HSCC
Duration: 9X35
Year: 2016
Broadcaster: HOT8

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