Porn, masturbation and sex – Israeli men from all over the country, the youngest of whom is 24 and the oldest is 86, discuss their sexuality surprisingly openly.

The men who chose to be exposed in the show talk about their earliest sexual memory, embarrassment, virginity, porn and masturbation. They talk about the first time they slept with a woman, about monogamous marriage and other kinds of marriages. They talk about sexuality after children are born, about passion and burnout, about cheating and widowhood. About the right to be needy and not just giving in sexuality, the right to talk about sexuality not only as it was “internalized” to them: conquering, achieving, performing, demanding, strong, machoistic, or in short: everything that is identified with Israeli masculinity.

In the MeToo era, Awake provides a glimpse into the current sexual world of straight men, not just in the context of harassment or sexual assault. Every man is filmed in his natural environment, where he feels safe to reveal the heart of his sexuality, his feelings and his secret desires. This is another stage in the fight to liberate men and women, on the road to reconciliation, mutual respect and love.

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Liran Atzmor, Adi Arbel, דניאל ליחיאני
Produced by: Orly Topel, Vivi Halpern
Duration: 3X35
Year: 2020
Broadcaster: HOT8

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