Based on the bestseller by Tamar Mor Sela that has become a phenomenon!
A rare, first-of-its-kind television look at women’s sexuality. With their face on camera and in an open, revealing and deep manner, women are exposed on camera and talk about their complex and painful sexual experiences, about their desires, their embarrassments, their loves and their dreams. A four-episode series. Three years since the book was published, topped the bestseller lists for weeks, received unprecedented media coverage and sold over 50,000 copies, Awake becomes a television series. The author, Tamar Mor Sela, is a friend of director Adi Arbel, and together they created a new documentary series, in which women talk about sexuality at different stages of life. Beliefs and taboos on which women have raised are shattered and reconsidered. Orgasms of different types, sexual abuse and its consequences, as well as new revelations and plenty of hope.

The first episode portrays young women in their 20s to 30s, the second episode women in their 40s to 60s, and the third episode portrays women in their 60s to 80s. The fourth episode is dedicated to couples, who talk openly about their sex lives.

More Details

Genre: Documentary
Created by: Tamar Mor Sela, Adi Arbel
Produced by: Orly Topel, Vivi Halpern
Duration: 4X35
Year: 2020
Broadcaster: HOT8

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