A broken heart experience is one of the hardest things we go through during our lives. The feeling of loss can lead to depression, and in some cases even to death. On the other hand, a broken heart is also a creative engine that has yielded numerous books, movies, paintings, plays and of course songs, written in a storm of emotions. In a new three-episode series, the psychoanalyst Prof. Yoram Yovell and the singer/songwriter Ivri Lider set out on a scientific-musical journey, following the broken heart.
Prof. Yovell will meet a line of experts from different fields, who will explain the various aspects related to broken heart: the symptoms, factors that affect the intensity of the experience, they’ll present the main studies in the field and try to suggest solutions to return to life and maybe even find new love. The series will reveal the attempts to find cure for those suffering from the phenomenon, and the (high) numbers of those who die from what is called a Broken Heart Syndrome.

Singer and creator Ivri Lider will talk about his creative process from a broken heart experience. Together with Prof. Yovell, they’ll will meet and talk with composers and singers who had written songs while experiencing a broken heart. They’ll tell them about the creative engine, about what had led them to write and how they dealt with the phenomenon.

The episodes will feature Arkady Duchin, Marina Maximilian, Micha Shitrit…

More Details

Genre: Documentary
Created by: Rinat Klein Maron, Liat Katznelson
Produced by: HSCC
Duration: 3X35
Year: 2021
Broadcaster: HOT8

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