“When an overweight person walks down the street, 85 people out of 100 think terrible things about them: that they’re stupid and lazy and dirty and unintelligent. This discourse is everywhere, starting at home between parents and children, continuing in the education system, in the peers’ discourse between the children, in the discourse between doctors and a patients, in fashion, in the media, at work and in employment. This is a curse “- Ayelet Kalter, manager of Editing Dialog Center and CEO of All Shapes and Sizes, the Israeli organization for preventing fat discrimination.
Fat Shaming is a three-episode series that deals with the phenomenon of discriminating overweight people. Through the episodes, we will learn about the fat shaming phenomenon in all its forms: its social, historical and political reasons, how it got to the heart of the consensus and how it harms lives of so many people. In addition to a team of experts, through the three episodes we will hear monologues of overweight people, who will candidly talk about their daily struggles with the fat shaming arrows directed at them from all directions.

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Timmy Levy-Sela
Produced by: HSCC
Duration: 3X35
Year: 2017
Broadcaster: HOT8

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