Gentrification is a process that occurs in many cities around the world. The middle class comes into a weakened neighborhood, in order to improve their own housing or for other reasons, and consciously or not, they push out the existing population. The combination of socio-economic status and national identity in Jaffa makes the process particularly unique and explosive. Sometimes it seems as though this is a natural process, driven by the forces of the free market, but in fact, there is a long-standing political mechanism in Jaffa that has been ousting and pushing away the older, weak population.
The Guide to Gentrification is a three-episode series, in which the stories unfold simultaneously and convey the atmosphere simultaneously in different areas in the city. Dramatic moments are being built through human stories, which grow between the walls of tumbledown apartments or historic alleys.

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Osnat Trabelsi, Keren Shayou, Lavi Vanounou
Produced by: Trabelsi Productions
Duration: 3X60
Year: 2021
Broadcaster: HOT8

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