The Kosher beach” is a half hour drive from Bnei-Brak, a closed Orthodox city, to Tel Aviv’s shore. But for the women going there it’s light years away. The Kosher beach is a gated and secluded 100 meter strip of beach with dedicated days for women and men to bathe separately, only a wooden fence separates between the freedom, color and music of the gay beach and them. The “Brave Bunch”, a secret female orthodox sisterhood, arrive three days a week to what is a source of quiet sanity for them,they consider it a safe haven away from social and family responsibilities. A place away from judgmental looks and whispers. Here they can be themselves, take a deep ocean breath and open their heart to the wide sea.

More Details

Genre: Documentary
Created by: Karin Kainer
Produced by: Doc.Films, KK Films Productions, Levi Zini, Karin Kainer, Avishai Peretz
Duration: 60 min
Year: 2019
Broadcaster: HOT8

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