He swam with crocodiles and killer whales, with anacondas and with great white sharks. But one major predator has always eluded Amos Nachoum.
The legendary wildlife stills photographer had always dreamed of swimming underwater with a polar bear and capturing it face-to-face on film.

He tried before and barely escaped, but now, as he nears the end of his career, he is determined to give it one last shot. The danger is real, perhaps more real than ever, but this is his last chance to get the picture of a lifetime.

As the journey unfolds, Amos contemplates the series of unspoken events that drove him here, to the end of the world. It has been a long and painful journey, but where others find fear, Amos finds redemption.

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Yonatan Nir, Dani Menkin
Produced by: Yonatan Nir, Dani Menkin, Nancy Spielberg, Ori Eisen, Mirit Eisen, Roger Fishman
Duration: 70 min
Year: 2019
Broadcaster: HOT8

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