Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-On take a road trip across the Israel of today. They spend two weeks driving down Route 90, the lowest highway in the world and the longest in Israel – the only road to connect the country from north to south, from border to border. Their route runs through the Great Rift Valley, and perhaps through the rifts in Israeli society. It meanders along landscapes that once formed the country’s forefront, security-wise and ideologically, but which, over time, have become its backyard and relegated to the periphery.

From the Good Fence in the north to the Taba border crossing in the south, Anat and Modi meet the people living along Israel’s eastern boundary and gain new insights into where the country is heading.

More Details

Genre: Documentary
Created by: Modi Bar-On, Anat Zeltzer
Produced by: July August Productions
Duration: 5X55
Year: 2014
Broadcaster: HOT8

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