In the 1970s and 1980s, a long line of young women were murdered along the Coastal Highway. All bodies were found in open areas, within the same 10-kilometer radius, after they were raped, beaten and strangled to death with a bra or another clothing item affixed to their necks.

The striking similarities between the murders raise a serious concern that they were all committed by one sadistic killer, who managed to outwit the law and evade justice. Titled “Shadow of Truth: Coastal Road Killer,” the second season of the award-winning Documentary-Crime series goes back in time, in an attempt to solve one of Israel’s most enigmatic mysteries, tracing the most vicious serial killer in the history of the country.

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Yotam Guendelman, Ari Pines, Mika Timor
Produced by: Egg Production
Duration: 4X40
Year: 2019
Broadcaster: HOT8

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