10 years ago the body of 13 year old Tair Rada was found in a bathroom stall at a school in Katzrin, her hometown. The stool was locked from the inside. A few days later the police arrested Roman Zadorov, a Ukrainian immigrant, who worked at the school. After an intensive week of investigations, he admitted and reenacted the murder.

Despite this, even today, after Zadorov was found guilty 3 times, many believe he is innocent and point a blaming finger to others.

The series goes into this vacuum and tries to make order in a murder story that shocked a nation. The series explores the events through and through and leaves no stone unturned while trying to solve the puzzle and expose new and dramatic findings.

Through a complex mosaic of interviews with key characters in the events (family members, policemen, defense lowers, prosecutors, private investigators and other), cinematic photography and extensive use of investigation and archive materials, the series creates a docu-detective story which tries to dig deep into the truth.

More Details

Genre: Documentary
Created by: Yotam Guendelman, Ari Pines, Mika Timor
Produced by: Egg Production
Duration: 4X40
Year: 2016
Broadcaster: HOT8

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