For 20 years, I grew up in Jerusalem and an Ashram in India which I had to keep secret. In the Ashram I was to dedicate my life to the Guru, to think of him always. That way, according to him, I could finally reach my goal in life, wake from the illusion, realise the “truth”, and become enlightened.

20 years (and a lot of therapy) later, I set on a journey to understand the secret I had to keep about India my whole life, the effect it has on me even now, to find out what happened to the other Ashram children, to learn if one can ever stop believing in the guru and finally to understand: was I raised in a cult?

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Jonathan ofek
Produced by: Jonathan Ofek, Itamar Luria
Duration: 60 min
Year: 2019
Broadcaster: HOT8

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