HOT8 brings the story behind of what we eat. The series will outline the map of interests and motivations behind what is served to our plates. Who really decides which and how many dairy products we consume? Is the bread we are offered at the supermarket good for us? Who makes us buy white bread and why? Why are the vegetables and fruit prices rising, and is the entire agricultural industry in danger? And we haven’t even starting talking about the meat industry yet…
It’s been a while now that the supermarket is not just our neighborhood grocery store anymore. It’s the edge of a whole world of economic interests, that unite local and international business groups. It’s a tangled operation of business alliances hidden from the public, connected together in economic networks and interests of money and control, , which together make up the triangle: capital-government-food.
Seemingly, we’re experiencing of abundance, typical of the age we live in. But the abundance is just an illusion, derived from centralization and lack of transparency, in the name of interests embodied in every product that gets to the shelves, often without us consumers being aware of it, or understanding why it’s there.

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Genre: Documentary
Created by: Zevick Gorodetski, Halit Levy, Vered Saminshass
Produced by: Tedy productions
Duration: 3X40
Year: 2020
Broadcaster: HOT8

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