Decades after becoming orthodox and deciding to disengage from artistic work, Uri Zohar returns to direct a feature film, with the help of young film school graduates. During the course of the work, Zohar rediscovers his deep passion for cinema, while at the same time he shies away from it. Zohar directs a film about a successful dancer, who discovers her faith after an accidental encounter, and is now torn between the worlds of Torah and of stage. While directing scenes and doing editorial shifts, his passion re-ignites. He, on his part, tries to hold on to it without getting burnt.

One day, on his way back to his Jerusalem home, Zohar agrees, for the first time, to tell his story through milestones in his life – from his childhood and falling in love with cinema, through reviewing his works, and until finding his faith and spending his days reading the Talmud in Jerusalem. The story is told through his films, where there is almost always a protagonist, often portrayed by Zohar himself, battling his inner demons.

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Created by: Dalia Mevorach, Dani Dothan
Produced by: Dalia Mevorach, Dani Dothan
Duration: 3X60
Year: 2017
Broadcaster: HOT8

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